Gardening signs and other budget signs – Personalized for indoor and outdoor.

Welcome to my page on all the quick and smaller signs that could be added to almost any place in your home, indoor and outdoor.

This page is current as of today 19 May 2022, but I admit that I am unlikely to keep on updating and adding all the new examples to this page.

If you have arrived here via search or social media, I hope you will get a general idea of how these “quick” and cheaper signs happen.

Indoor and outdoor signs – explained

Hi, and thanks for seeing what I have on this page. I will try to explain how this style of sign (mostly gardening signs) works – and how you can order some if you need any in your life.

I recently made about 100 of these to try to reduce the offcut wood cluttering up my workshop. The idea was to hand cut a set of quick-to-make signs, so you get some fun signs and I get to keep the price right down for you.

Fonts – These are the quick low budget signs, so they are simply handwritten. Fast. If you need a special sign, with a special font, I definitely do those, they are one of my best sellers. But, you will need to contact me for a quotation for those signs.

Pricing – These are normally from $5.00 up to around $30.00, and most of them will be $10.00. BUT!!!! If you would like to custom order I might ask you to do a minimum order of $50.00. Unless I have stock. Contact me and ask.

Styles – I literally pick up an offcut and depending on the size decide what words to put onto that sign. I will then do 20 or 30 at a time. Then when it comes to the colours, I, again, let whatever colour I have nearest me become the colour of the day. Sometimes I distress them, sometimes I get super neat and other times they are fast and rustic. That is how and why I can do them for so cheap.

Stock – I have no idea if (in the future) I will always have a variety of stock signs. It will depend on a few factors like if they sell continually (as opposed to just springtime). Plus I might take them on the road to shows. If this happens I will probably keep a few hundred in stock. Time will tell.

Marketing – I have a few businesses, and there is a chance that I went full-on with this product and set up automated social media marketing. If I get that far, and it works (you are here, right?)


You will need to email me or phone me or even Whatsapp me to order.

Please scroll down this page to look at all the images that I added for your pleasure.


EDIT!!! – I piled all the signs up into price piles.

They are $5.00 signs, mostly small ones or error ones (if their paint job is something I do not like, you can fix it and I make it cheap)

A lot of the great signs are in the $10.00 pile.

Then there is a $20 and even a $30 pile.

$5.00 signs

$10.00 signs

More $10.00 signs close up

$20.00 signs

$30.00 signs

More $5.00 signs

$10.00 signs close up

Third $10.00 signs close up

$20.00 signs close up

Signs in a pile

Images below

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