Patio furniture, swing benches, hammock chair stands, wall art and more are what we are all about.

We use new and reclaimed wood for the items you order from us. Contact us if you have an questions.

I must confess that I do not keep up with all the items I make, on this website. I thought to add some of the items I made recently so you can get a better idea as to what you could order from me.

We do have some stock items if you need something fast. Use the Contact page if you have any questions.

Halloween display items.

I created some Halloween decor products and uploaded them all to a page here. It is unlikely that I will make from orders, so if you see any items that pique your interest, please contact me to find out more. 226 922 9873.

See them here – All the Halloween stuff. Click Here

I will add some images here too…

Custom-done wall art. Starting pricing from $60.00

Picture taken at one of our Garage sales

The unvarnished door was on a custom canoe shelf set I designed.

Big comfortable garden bench

Planer box set. With legs and without.

These planters were fully lined

Smaller budger friendly Canadian flags

Outdoor art on stretched canvas – framed.

Our benches and swing benches can come without cushions if you prefer.

This bench has deep comforel cushions.

This is a fully 3D version of the Goose.

Showing the bottle for scale.

I enjoyed this Inukshuk. It was small and fun to make.

A long story for this one. Something you need to see. Pics do not do it justice. It took over a week to finish.

These two were a gift for two little girls – for their garden. Such a good idea.

These two were a gift for two little girls – for their garden. Such a good idea.

Hurricane-Proof Patio Chair.

Quick planters – no lining. Subject to me having the right reclaimed wood.

These are designed for you to use those water bottles as your plant holder. With drainage holes, naturally.

Small flags. great for quick gifts. Subject to stock holding.

Wall art frames with many inner options. This was one of my early inukshuks.

Large custom cushioned 2-seated couch.

My one-of-a-kind eagle owl project. Showing me in there for scale.

Colour wash style Canadian flags. My personal fav style.

Standard-sized 3D flag, Canadian flag.

Large Canadian flag.

This was a fun-to-make large custom-order barn Quilt.

A 6-Foot x 6-Foot extra large barn quilt.

Wall art that comes in multiple colour options and as many style options too.

A Little-Library order. They are such a good idea.

Another quick garden sign. These could also be done as house or cottage signs.

Wall art. Killbear style.

A family wall art puzzle design.

Hammock stands – These are going to become a standard for us.

A different style flag design including some carved text.

This one was smaller than the standard size.

This one is mine. We set it up to watch the birds feed from the comfy chairs. The standard ones I make are a bit more compact than this one.

Custom-done cottage sign. This one turned out amazing. It was a large sign.

Starling Birdhouse. This one is mine to stop the birds nesting in my gas grill

Custom order with a beautiful, but sad,  story attached.

Bad pic – sorry. I enjoy doing 3D animal wall art.

A small but cute gnome.

One of my favourite pieces. This one looks amazing in real life.

Inukshuk. A true Canadian thing.

An anniversary gift for a horse lover. It had a lot of character when finished.

I did a second option for the client. I am still not sure which I prefer.

A large 7-piece patio set. Whitewash pine style.

Large Canadian Goose.

Farm-style outdoor dining set.

A cottage sign for a cottage up in Bayfield.

My bear template on a cottage sign.

This template had words added for a custom order.

One of my first barn quilt wall hanging. I loved the colours.

I dropped this in here as an example of one of the styles of “routing” I use when doing hand-done words.

This was by far my favourite flag. I literally wanted to cry when it got collected. So funny.

The first quilt I tested breaking up the pattern and adding different heights, and loved doing it.

Garden, motivational, funny and welcome signs I made to try to use up all my offcuts.

Some with sticks and a mix of styles and colouring.

The pricing is affected (heavily) if I add a specific font and use the scroll saw vs the router. These are all about time. Quick designs are cheap, detailed ones can become expensive.

I overdid some of the wording. There we so many things I thought should be on a sign. 🙂

We do Canadian Flags

Our primary style is a painted reclaimed wooden style flag.

Most of what we do is done with a single or double “3D” style maple leaf design. To find out more about the type of flags we do please click the link.

FIND OUT MORE – Click Here

We do house – Cottage – Lake – Business Signs

These are one of the signs that we love doing the most. They are designed to be outdoor signs and can be custom designed for your needs. They – like all our signs, tend to be with reclaimed wood as the first choice.


We need to tell you this…

Each piece, each sign, each item is hand made on order, we do carry stock, but prefer that YOU help us design the perfect sign or item.

If you go to our gallery page and look at what we have done already, you can see that we can very easily add aspects from one design and put that feature onto a sign or wall feature and make it perfect for you.