Wall Hangings 

Patio Furniture

We do Canadian Flags

Our primary style is a painted reclaimed wooden style flag.

Most of what we do is done with a single or double “3D” style maple leaf design. To find out more about the type of flags we do please click the link.

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We do Rustic Garden Furniture

We offer new wood furniture and recycled wood furniture.

We make patio chairs, benches, Swing benches, and basic tables.

We also do planter boxes and our signs could easily include a furniture aspect.

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We do Cushions

A lot of our furniture pieces needed a quality cushion solution – large and comfortable, so we do cushions to match the furniture.

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We need to tell you this…

Each piece, each sign, each item is hand made on order, we do carry stock, but prefer that YOU help us design the perfect sign or item.

If you go to our gallery page and look at what we have done already, you can see that we can very easily add aspects from one design and put that feature onto a sign or wall feature and make it perfect for you.



We do house – Cottage – Lake – Business Signs

These are one of the signs that we love doing the most. They are designed to be outdoor signs and can be custom designed for your needs. They – like all our signs, tend to be with reclaimed wood as the first choice.


We do Wall Hangings

Plant hangings, photo hangings, and other styles of featured crafty styled reclaimed wood hangings are a feature of ours.

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We do Inukshuk Signs

Our respect for tradition in culture is massive and we do a series of designs that we hope honor the Inukshuk Waypoint and travel marker signs that go back far into the history of the North American culture.

They could be art or signs – you choose your design with us.

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