Welcome to my Shop Page – Please read these points

Everything I do is made individually and by hand. While that is really what this is all about, it does create a few points that are worth mentioning when you order.

  • I cannot calculate shipping until an item is finished, then I will know the size and weight. Unless you are local to the Brantford area, then there would be a delivery fee or you could collect.
  • I suspect that we are going to need to discuss each and every custom order in detail via email etc anyway.
  • Pieces that are finished and in stock can be ordered immediately.
  • For all orders, you will pay upfront.
  • There will be no queue jumping, so delivery times will depend on how many orders are in the queue. I will tell you the lead time before you make the payment.
  • I encourage personalization in your designs and ideas.
  • There is no BUY NOW button. Because I market on many different platforms, sometimes an item will be sold but still, show available here as I might not have had time to edit the listing. Each order will need to be confirmed via email. Scroll to the bottom of the page and mail your order request to me right away.
  • Popular designs can be duplicated, but you need to remember that each design will differ slightly as they are still all made individually and by hand.
  • Some of the items in my shop are sourced from other companies and might take a bit of time to produce and get delivered.