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Deck and Garden Furniture


Planter Boxes



Swing Benches

Chairs, benches, and swing benches are the biggest items we manufacture

Deck Furniture

Focusing on farm-style chairs and benches

Swing Benches

See the details below on where we are heading.

Planter Boxes

Doing them with character

Bigger and Better

Read more below about our bold ideas we are developing to create a unique style for the future

Right now – and then the Future

While we love that you are here to see what we have created to this point and even to see what we currently have on sale, I would love to say more about where we are headed.

Right Now – Chunky Farm Style Reclaimed Wooden Furniture.


We have really enjoyed the small steps that we have taken already to this point, and all the products and samples we have built have been to get a feel for the styles we are going to delve deeper into.

For now, solid reclaimed wood furniture.

Please see the images and descriptions for each item.

Our Future is going to be so exciting.


You see, in the short time that we have been building and designing products, we are already steering in a more unique style in our finishing.

Anyone – well almost anyone – can make a bench. But we feel that a bench that exudes so much character from the second you lay eyes on it, is the way to go.

We will be mixing so many different styles and media on the road to a series of amazing and very original and unique products.

Please keep an eye on the blog section here on this site as it is where we will be announcing all the good and then bad things we test and try along this journey.


Enjoy pictures of our products below

Each item is individually made by hand. Therefore a lot will already have been sold and we will be taking orders on new items on demand.

We ask that you use the Contact page to send an email so we can start to discuss the items that you would like to order from us.

Please double-check the Blog page too, as we will occasionally run special offers and things directly from that page.