Wall Hangings & Art

Personalization Notes

It is hard for me to fully explain to you how easily you could combine bits of my designs into other bits and create something very unique.

I have a page that explains this in more detail but to summarise it, you can do some of the following things.

Reclaimed wood or new wood

We focus on the reclaimed wood style, but can also use new wood if you feel it matches your ideas better.

Mixed Media

Would you like us to add metal? Feathers? Glass? 

There is a number of easy to apply mixed media options that will add to that unique style that you are looking for.

Perhaps the only obvious issue with this concept would be price and perhaps time delays. But – hey – never let that scare you from what you really want. Right?

Other design Permutations

We already have a lot of variations done. see how many frame styles we have, see the different wood treatments we can do.

I suggest that you look through the gallery images carefully if you are considering planning a custom design with us.

Remember, that almost all the time we will have completed pieces that you could get off-the-shelf. 


You could go to the Shop Page and buy from there, or you are welcome to email us to set up a call for us to start designing that perfect item for you.

Personalizing is our thing.

Our wall hangings come in many different guises.

Let me explain.

Nicknack Hangings

These are ones that are styled for you to hang on a feature wall and show all your personal thing off in a nice way. This would be keepsakes, photos, and other trinkets that have meaning in your life.

There are almost limitless design options. See more about this below.

Plant Hangings

Similar designs to the concept above, but these styles will be for small pot plants and other decor items and pieces of art that you would use to create a stylized feature wall.

Front Door Hangings

This would be variations on the well known “Welcome” sign. We are busy designing and adding ideas to this series all the time. Some include a post box on the door, others just text, and more. See more below.

Bedroom Door hangings

Allowing that dorrs open and close a lot more than your walls do, we are also designing a series or collection of door hangings for rooms in your home.

This would be perfect for children’s rooms and other rooms like your craft room, man-cave, and more.

Art hangings

We already have quite a few done and many more on the way. These are generally 3D pieces and animals and birds are commonly used. Make suggestions, or just contact us for design – we can get some brilliant ideas going right now.

Please enjoy looking through the site for cushions that we have already completed, so you can get an idea as to what we can do for you – then hit that contact us page and send us details of what you are looking for.