Welcome sign with a pot plant holder – Reclaimed wood, with hand carving detail.

Excluding the plant!

Handcarved Welcome Sign

This welcome sign is hand-carved and includes a pot plant holder.

The detail in this sign is a lot and there was a lot of time taken to complete the entire sign.

I can do a cheaper version if you have a smaller budget, just use the contact form below to ask me for more details.

On the other end, I welcome those of you who would love to add more details and personalize it even more for their own special twist on this sign.

What is pretty much standard on all the reclaimed wood sign products that we offer are the following things. (This is not always true, so if one of these is a must for your order, please double-check with me)

Both indoor or outdoor. They will always have a coat of varnish of some sort, that will allow you to hang it inside or outside.

They are almost always reclaimed wood, and this can range from cedar fencing, barn boards to skids. I tend to love that the older wood had more character, but you will need to see what I have at any given time.

We occasionally run a special if we are carrying too much stock, or I need to buy some chocolate or beer.

But, at the same time, if you need an item that is showing as sold, you need just contact me and the chances are very high that i can duplicate an item for you.

Options – Sizing – Prices


Standard Reclaimed Wood Sign.





These sizes are not always exactly this size, and if you need it to be you need to tell me when you place your order.

Width             38 Inches     96 CM

Height            36 Inches      91 CM

“feet”            2 foot wide

Plant Box Frame – INSIDE dimensions

Width              12,5 Inches 31,5 CM

Depth            9.5 Inches     24 CM


This is a welcome sign, it is also art.

It could be custom done to add your address, your name, words like your family name or your address, or more.

The pricing for any variety would need to be discussed with me first.



Please contact me via email – see the contact form at the bottom of this page or use rob@countrydesign.ca

Or, you could go back to the Facebook page and contact me there via messenger.